The Firm

Paulsen|Keldsen Private Limited Company is a Greenland based lawfirm established in 1985 by lawyer Henrik Hey. The company changed name to HeyPaulsen in 2005 after the entry of lawyer Jens Paulsen. As of 1st January 2012 we are Paulsen|Keldsen Private Limited Company.

The lawfirm now counts lawyer (H) Jens Paulsen, lawyer (L) Britta Keldsen, lawyer Lise Mørup Dalsgaard,  Lawyer Jannik Isidor, lawyer Hanne Rose Andersen-Aagaard, and secretaries Lena Løvstad Jensen, Andrea A. Karlsen, and Kirsten Olsen.

The firm's office is situated in Nuuk. Although many of our clients are also based here, a significant percentage of our clients originate from other places in Greenland and elsewhere.
The attorneys travel every year to visit other Greenlandic towns in order to keep and build relations with clients outside Nuuk. This includes our international clients that are not based in Greenland.

Since the beginning the firm's portfolio of clients has included numerous small and medium sized enterprises, and fortunately this group still accounts for a large and important part of our client portfolio. The firm takes on more and more international clients as well as tasks for the government and proffesional organisations. 

Paulsen|Keldsen Private Limited Company focuses on keeping up with the fast moving development in the surrounding environment. Education and training of all employees are hence areas we give a lot of attention in order to be able to provide a professional counselling that meets our very high standards.