Our prices are regulated by the ethical codex in place for attorneys. Our pricing is in alignment with the practice of the Danish lawyers association in Denmark based on section 126(2) of the Danish act on judicial procedure “An attorney can not claim a higher remuneration for his/her work than what is considered reasonable” [unofficial translation].

To meet this requirement we base our fees on the following:

  • Nature and type of assignment
  • The responsibility related to the task
  • Economical extent of the case
  • The importance of the case to the client, including whether it was a case of utmost urgency
  • The result achieved

Our fees are based on the following tariffs:

Lawyers partners: 2,400.00 DKK/hour

lawyers senior employees: 2,100.00 DKK/hour

lawyers employees: 1,900.00 DKK/hour

Trainee lawyers: 1,600.00 DKK/hour

Regarding our fee

If a client disputes the by us calculated fee, the client can file a fee complaint to Advokatsamfundet/ the Law Society. Further guidance can be found at this link