Jens Paulsen

Born 6th March 1958

Jens Paulsen is the owner of the lawfirm Paulsen| Keldsen. He works as a generalist and is the responsible partner in the relations with our clients.

Business areas:

Jens Paulsen´s main areas of expertise are corporate law, contract law, incl. mergers & acquisitions, construction transactions, property transactions, construction law, insolvency law and reconstruction of companies. Jens Paulsen acts as defence lawyer in criminal cases. Jens Paulsen offers counselling on the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategies in companies..

Honorary posts:

  • Vice-president in Nunatsinni Advokatit (Greenland Attorneys' Association)
  • Vide-president in Illersuisut (Legal defence association in Greenland)
  • Member of Danish Attorneys' Association
  • Boardmember at Brøndum Grønland A/S
  • Boardmember at Nordisk Koncertkor (Nordic Concert choir)
  • Consul to Holland and Luxembourg 


Danish, German, English, Scandinavian and Greenlandic to some degree.


Organization of fishing administration in Greenland, Nordic Seminar- and workreports 1991:516

Indigenous peoples´ influence on the fishing administration (Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secretariat)

Different articles in the members journal of the Association of Danish Stage directors


1st March – 31st August 1985: Trainee lawyer at Hans Aage Gertz, Nyborg

29th November 1985 – 1st May 1986: Substitute principal at the Department of Business with the Greenlandic Home Rule

15th June 1986 – 30th September 1988: Principal at the Department of Business with the Greenlandic Home Rule

1st October 1988 – 30th September 1993: Head of office at the Department of Business with the Greenlandic Home Rule

1st October 1993 – 30th September 1997: Head of office at The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission, Tromsø

1. October 1997 – 14. September 1998: Independent consultant to e.g. The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples´ Secretariat in Copenhagen and Rambøll consultants

15th September 1998 – 31st August 2001: Legal consultant at the Association of Danish Stage Directors, København

September 2001: Independent Consultant to the Greenlandic Home Rule, Department of Housing and Infrastructure

1st October 2001 – 31st May 2002: Project Manager, Venues, Arctic Winter Games 2002

1st June – 7th July 2003: Trainee lawyer at lawfirm Henrik Hey, Nuuk

8. July 2003 – …: Appointed Attorney. Employed at lawfirm Hey & Paulsen, Nuuk 20th September 2007: Appointed to the National Court (Landsretten) and the Maritime & Commercial Court

1st January 2008: