Jannik Isidor

Born 22nd of September 1975


Business areas:

Jannik works within a wide range of areas primarily concerning civil disputes, corporate law, e.g. creation and registration of companies with limited liabilities, also including socio economic companies, as well as employment law. Furthermore Jannik handles cases within the field of competition law and bankruptcy.


Honorary posts:

  • Member of Greenland Attorneys' Association
  • Member of Danish Attorneys' Association
  • Chairman of NASP Nuuk Orienteering


Danish, English and Scandinavian


2018:               External teacher, University of Greenland, Ilisimatusarfik, Employment law and Commercial Law

2017:               Solicitor, Paulsen/Keldsen Lawfirm

2012-2017:       Head of Department, Government of Greenland

2011-2012:       Head of Office, Government of Greenland

2009-2011:       Solicitor, Tellus Lawfirm

2007-2009:       External teacher, Vejen Business School, Commercial Law

2006-2009:       Assistant Solicitor, Tellus Lawfirm

2005-2006:       Head of Section, Government of Greenland