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Paulsen|Keldsen offers counselling to private clients within all legal matters. The firm assists private persons in court cases and act as mediators in conflicts.

We partake in negotiations alongside our clients. 

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Contract Law

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Law of wills and succession

We offer counselling related to wills and marriage settlements and co-ownership contracts for unwed cohabitants, child custody and terms for division of property in cases of...

Insurance and compensation law

In cases of damage or injury where you have suffered a loss the firm can assist you in making a claim, as well as in assessing your chances of compensation and insurance.

Contract law

The contract most often determines your legal rights in business relations, and it is hence important that the contract meets your needs.

Criminal law

The firm has a very long and extensive experience as defence within criminal law. It is our experience that it is important that the right defence lawyer is attached to the case...